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Guide for Authors


Open access, an international, peer-review journal for a platform for the publication of the most advanced scientific research in multi-disciplinary areas. The journal welcomes original empirical studies. Publishing papers may represent a diversity of theoretical viewpoints and different methodological approaches. All submissions articles must be written in English, and the number of pages may vary from 05 to 20 pages. When accepting the publication, it should be in a two-column format. The main section would be organized; Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results & analysis, Discussion, Conclusion, and References. The Work submitted for publication must be original, previously unpublished, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Initial Screening

The submitted articles initially check by the Editorial staff for comprehensiveness and determine the meets the journal's general standards. As per their recommendation, the chief editor will decide A- send the manuscript out for double-blind peer review process OR B- Request Initial revision from Author(s) OR C- Reject the Article.

Peer Review

After the editor's recommendation, pass the article subject specified 03 peer-reviewers who remain unknown to the authors. Reviewers need to have to complete their task within 03-04 weeks. After-that All the reviewers send the editor a detailed report with their comments on the manuscript and their recommendation. The editor accepts the publication as per review results. If any revision is required, the editorial staff will be contacted by the Author for further improvements and use the same process.


The Primary author must allow an exclusive authority to GARI PUBLISHER on behalf of all authors to publish the Article. The permission must be offered in writing once the submitted paper is accepted for publication by Chief Editor. Primary authors will be invited to fill in the PDF form manually. Without receiving the duly signed form, the publication of your manuscript may be postponed. The author takes responsibility for checking whether material submitted is subject to copyright or ownership rights.

Proof Reading

To guarantee a fast publication process, we kindly ask authors to provide us with their proof corrections within 03 days. Keep in mind as essential to ensure that all corrections are sent back to us in one communication. We follow those all the procedures to get your article published quickly and correctly. Proofreading is solely your responsibility.

Article Processing Charge

In an open access model, we promise that readers don't pay for the subscription fee to access online published articles. Authors or a supporting institution pay for the publication of the article.

Per Article Processing Charges - 195 USD / EURO

(Each Additional paper offer 10% reduction from Initial fees)

Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or Online Payment Gateway. Payment instructions will be notified by the editorial assistant after the acceptance of the paper.

After acceptance of an article to publish the Journal, authors will be asked to complete manually a “Journal Publishing Agreement”. An e-mail will be sent to the Primary author confirming receipt of the manuscript together with a 'Journal Publishing Agreement' form or a link to the online version of this agreement.

GARI PUBLISHER will be keep the authority only for publishing the Article (The Work submitted for publication must be original, previously unpublished, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere).