About Journal

The official peer-reviewed journal of the “GARI International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research” ISSN 2659-2193 (Online) is An Open Access Double Blind Peer Reviewed Quarterly Publish E-Journal, with a strong Editorial Board and a tested rapid peer review system.

It seeks to publish original and innovative research, as well as novel analysis, relating to Multidisciplinary research. Its content mirrors the diverse interests and approaches of scholars involved with the international dimensions Welcomes scholarly contributions from officials with Universities, government agencies, international agencies, and non-governmental organizations. Multidisciplinary subjects are covering Business Management, Economics, Marketing, Engineering, Technology, Health, Medicine, Social Science and Humanities, Human Rights and Security, Food Science, Public Health, Fashion Design, Apparel Textile, Sustainable Development, Ayurveda Traditional Medicine and Medicinal Plants, Peace Studies, etc.

It is strongly recommended that authors specifically address how their research addresses the priority areas and how it impacts those who the research intends to affect. Journal embraces a range of methodological approaches in identifying and solving significant prioritized issues. However the journal will consider narrower studies, authors of submissions should strive to present their conclusions to a broader audience without forfeiting accuracy or scientific strength. Per Article Processing Charges - 195 USD / EURO

Call for Papers

Authors are invited to read our call for papers for year 2022 / 2023 or 2024; to find the relevant Scope for the journal, and to submit complete unpublished scientific researches, which are not under review in any other conference or academic journal in the following topics, but not limited to: Submissions

Paper Submissions Deadline Journal Publishing Date
01st Quarter 2023 16th February 2023 31st March 2023
02nd Quarter 2023 18th May 2023 30th June 2023
03rd Quarter 2023 17th August 2023 30th September 2023
04th Quarter 2023 16th November 2023 31st December 2023
01st Quarter 2024 17th February 2024 31st March 2024

Aims and Scope

GARI International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research accept wide a range of Multidisciplinary Research, Submissions are encouraged all areas as well as strongly recommended that authors specifically address how their research to audience to identify priorities & how impact to General users.


  • Aero Space Engineering and Space Village
  • African Studies
  • Agri-Business Marketing
  • Apparel, Textiles and Fashion Design
  • Applied Science
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technology
  • Ayurveda Traditional Medicine and Medicinal Plants
  • Big Data
  • Business Management
  • Civil and Transport
  • Coffee and Tea, Wine studies
  • Color, Culture and Modern Art
  • Community Medicine and Public Health
  • Dermatology and Cosmetology
  • Digital Marketing
  • Distance Learning
  • Drone
  • Drug Abuse Prevention and Illegal Drugs
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Election and Democracy
  • Engineering
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Food Science and Security
  • GLBT Studies
  • Health and Medicine
  • Heritage and Culture
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control
  • Human Rights and Security
  • Humanities
  • Indigenous Medicine & Sri Lankan Traditional Medicine
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Innovation
  • Language & Literature
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Marine Science and Technology
  • Marketing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mental Health
  • Music, Drama, Visual & Performing Arts
  • Non-Communicable Diseases
  • Peace and Conflict Management
  • Petroleum, Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Power Crisis
  • Renewable Energy
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Science
  • Sociology and Law
  • Software Engineering and Applications
  • Sustainable Design and Creative Industries
  • Sustainable Development
  • Technology
  • Women Right
  • Women’s and Children’s Health

And more related topics & Papers are welcome